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Control of leaflet distribution

How would you always have a full control of that what you have paid it is actually 100% done, it is necessary to conduct controls of quality of leaflet distribution !

 Based on past experiences in several countries it has shown that the results in the first control was up to 20% negative and after constant controls, results are reduced to acceptable 1% – 3%.

Controls are conducted independently or jointly with representatives of distributor company (Weber Escal, City Flyer, MHS ..).

The principle of the implementation of controls is that one of our controller according to the distribution plan gets specify area (eg. The City of Zagreb, parts of the city : Centar, Dubrava, Tresnjevka, Rudes and in that parts inspects 4 streets, by the street 10 households / house numbers) and together with a representative of distribution company performs control.

Upon completion of the controls (one, two or three days) the next day we deliver a join report for a country with the results in Excel format.

Perhaps at first view it seems pointless to pay the control of  leaflets distribution, but here’s an example of the potential loss:

Weekly distribution of 100,000 leaflets ;

  • Undelivered leaflets 5% (5000 leaflets)
  • Assumed cost of printing and distributing 5000 leaflets : 200 euros
  • Suppose that from 5000 undelivered leaflets  there were 200  potential customers and that they would spend approximately 20000 euros ( 100 euros per customer).
  • On a weekly basis, we have came to the potential loss of 20200 euros !!

Related to the service of control of  leaflets distribution we offer and service of optimization of areas of distribution. This service includes the physical counting of households (home / building) and production of the report with the number of required leaflets on a given area. These services are available in: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and other countries ..

Here you can see an example of report for independent controls (the same data and the lists is from join controls, only in a slightly amended form):

Example of report list : Control list report

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