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Control of stores



In today’s market, competition is strong in all areas.To be in step with the competition it is necessary to constantly improve your own operations and services, all to make customers satisfied and to ultimately attract more customers and to retain existing ones.

To know whether the buyer is satisfied and saw eventual gaps in the operations of your company/branch it is necessary to carry out quality control operations.

The controls can be carried out in 3 ways:

Control of branches – internal record;

Our controller goes to an agreed location (branch) with pre-agreed parameters of control (report list) and without of notice to the branch manager writes the report. The record may contain the following (external appearance of offices, parking neatness, tidiness interior, accuracy and shelf availability, availability of staff in the department, courtesy of staff, the waiting time at the cash register, the number of customers at the cash register and opening more cash registers, etc …).

Survey :  

Our employee carried out survey by pre-arranged questions for customers. The survey can be carried out in front of the shopping center (branch), in (bystanders) or other desired locations.

Mystery shopper :

Our employee performs the role of a secret buyer at a certain location in a certain branch by the pre-agreed criteria.

Based on the implementation of some of the ways of control you get insight into the condition and quality of your office operations, customer satisfaction, and you know exactly where to act if is necessary in order to get certain segments improved.