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Control/audit in logistics

Audit in logistics

Logistics is a complex area that includes multiple actions in a single project.

To be perfectly closed circuit function (production – transportation – storage – sales) a certain standards must be follow. If as a company you have engaged subcontractors who perform services for you in transport, you must be sure to apply your standards as agreed, and to achieve the maximum quality of service.


Application / offer of our services in logistics:

  • Road transport, railway transport, sea transport
  • Control of loading / unloading
  • Control of delivery quality
  • Control of storage quality
  • Control of documents and products that are transported


Example 1: Control of the truck transportation of vehicles

Every car manufacturer sets certain standards in transport (the maximum number of cars that can be loaded on a truck, method of mounting the car, allowed age of the truck, to review truck defects such as rust, grease, visible damage, wear of tires etc ..).  The same can be applied to other kinds of goods in transport.


Example 2. Control of documents and products that are transported

Company X from China (Buyer), bought the wood (oak board) of the company from the Croatian Y (seller).

How would the customer be sure to get what have bought, but that does not create a huge cost to travel it engage our company. Our agent goes to the address of the seller and when loading check the documentation and the product itself and determines whether it complies with the order (type, quantity, etc ..). The same can be applied to other types of goods / products.


Example 3. Control of Storage

If you have multiple remote storage (within or across countries), especially if a service of storage use is from other companies, it is necessary to carry out quality control of storage.

Our employee visits the default warehouse and without notice begins with control and drawing up the report (according to predetermined criteria).

Report can contain, depending on the type of goods in stock (ventilation, temperature, separation of certain groups of products, damaged goods and packaging, etc. ..).


Example 4 Control of  delivery quality

If your company performs delivery to branch offices with their own transport certainly is always a question of efficiency. Through GPS devices in vehicles, you can see where are your vehicles and teams, and how which retain, but you can not see everything.

In this segment our controller is responsible for monitoring a truck (one team) from the starting position, to any places of unloading.

Report can contain the following data:

  • time of departure of trucks from pole position – central warehouse
  • arrival time to the first point of unloading, second, third …
  • time to park and start unloading
  • time of entry into the unloading area and the return to the goods for further unloading
  • closing time of trucks and departure point to another unloading
  • breaks
  • The rest per client request..