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Representation of companies

Loran Croatia


We offer representation of companies and their products and services.

The service is available in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Germany.

Representing offer is directly through our agent for designated country or through our partner companies.

Way of representation:

  • Choose the countries in which you would like to represent you
  • Provide us with product catalog with prices ( English)
  • If is necessary for each country of representation we translate catalog
  • One of our representative in each choosen country will be designated to represent your company.
  • In first step we e-mail your catalog to the relevant industry – potential buyers.
  • Step two – phone calls.
  • The third step is to visit potential customers
  • When the buyer is interested in cooperation ( decided to made a purchase ,further action are up to you)
  • If is necessary we provide help in logistics.
  • For every month we submit the report on the contacted clients and current status.


This method of business expansion to other countries is much cheaper, especially at the beginning, from the classic opening of a branch in each country , when creating huge costs such as:

  • costs of opening businesses ( registration of company )
  • the cost of renting office
  • the cost of book-keeping
  • the cost of workers’ salaries + benefits
  • the cost of renting or buying a car + fuel
  • other costs (presentations, mobile phone, Internet …)

These costs on a monthly basis (excluding one-time cost of opening businesses) can reach up to 3,000 euros!


If you have not determined if would expand your business to the other countries you can conduct market research and analysis which includes:

  • information about the economic situation of the country
  • information abot competition
  • the demand on market for certain products and services
  • recommendations of locations to open a branch
  • search locations and recommendations for further expansion
  • the rest per client request

Here you can download the example of  representation contract :

Croatian: Ugovor o zastupanju or English: Contract of representation



For further information and any request that you may have please contact us :

e-mail: info@loran.hr  or mobile: + 385 97 77 11 670